The standard warranty for Fumagalli products is twelve months from the date of delivery. There are special programs for extended warranties of up to five years.

Fumagalli products are made with modular systems so that they are easy to maintain. On average, Fumagalli hand dryers and hair dryers require routine maintenance every 200,000 uses, which can be carried out either by Fumagalli's technical service center or by an electrician chosen by the customer.

You can purchase Fumagalli products directly from the Trezzano sul Naviglio headquarters, as well as from authorized distributors (plumbing dealers and electrical dealers).

Of course! Fumagalli products are built to last: considering normal use, the average life span is a good twenty-five years! Where equipment is worn out or has reached the end of its life, it can be remanufactured by restoring it from scratch. If, on the other hand, the customer wishes to replace his or her device with a newer model in order to benefit from the latest technological innovations introduced, he or she can take advantage of the scrappage program, which allows him or her to upgrade the product fleet while enjoying various benefits.

Fumagalli, manufacturing in its own factories, also offers among its services the aesthetic customization of products. For feasibility and quotes, you can contact customer service at +39 0248403500 or e-mail info@fumagallidryers.com.

All Fumagalli products are CE certified. In addition, some models also possess TÜV and GS safe product certifications, with relevant EMC and EMF certificates, attesting to the devices' compliance against interference to electrical systems and to humans.

Absolutely not! Fumagalli manufactures hand dryers with a variety of power ratings and associated electrical draw, ranging from 2.5 watts to 2450 watts (maximum rated power) per dryer. Model technologies with self-regulating speed and temperature and control probe minimize electricity consumption.

Fumagalli registers every machine it produces. For any clarification on this matter, you can contact customer service at +39 0248403500 or e-mail info@fumagallidryers.com.

The history of Fumagalli Components speaks for itself. The satisfaction of our customers, whom we have been serving with a consistent presence for more than 60 years, defines the quality of our products.

The main strengths of Fumagalli products, by which they stand out from imitations, are reliability, strength, durability, safety, innovation, ease of maintenance and repair, and availability of any spare parts over the years.

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