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Fumagalli hair dryers are divided into the following two families:

  • Magnum MG88, derived directly from hand dryers, but with additional specific safety features such as skincare and water-stop; designed for intensive use such as locker rooms in swimming pools, gyms and sports centers;
  • Hospitality specially designed for hospitality facilities.

Characteristics common to both lines are as follows:

  • Strength and toughness, as they are suitable for intensive use and durable over time;
  • Vandal-resistant systems that can be implemented by means of auto-off timer or push-button ignition system.

In addition, the Magnum line boasts the following additional features:

  • Scratch-resistant and anti-writer coatings;
  • Simplified maintenance thanks to patented Long Life Easy Maintenance (LEM) technology that doubles product life;
  • Highest level ofdis-safety, guaranteed by hair dryer-specific devices such as skincare and water-stop.

Magnum MG88H - HT

Hair dryer for intensive use such as swimming pools, gyms, sports centers, locker rooms.
Discover our Magnum MG88H - HT series products

Magnum Saliscendi C9900


Hair dryer for hospitality facilities such as hotels, hotels, B&Bs. Discover our Hospitality Series products

Air hair spare parts

Spare parts for hair dryers belonging to the Magnum Series MG88H-HT. See the list of spare parts

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