High-performance hot-air hair dryer, equipped with anti-theft and vandal-resistant system, with swivel nozzle equipped with thermal protection.

Highly resistant to wear and impact, designed for heavy use.

Push-button operation and power output of 250W.

Sturdy carbon steel frame with anti-writer treatment for porcelain white and anthracite versions, alternatively AISI 304 stainless steel in polished or satin finish.

Equipped with skincare and water-stop safety devices, as well as the patented LEM (Long Life Easy Maintenance) system, which enables quick and easy replacement of the fan unit when needed.

Degree of electrical protection Class II.

Can be combined with single-channel and multi-channel coin-operated machines to provide service for a fee. It can be combined with saliscendi, a device for adjusting the height of the hair dryer, and the Magnum Vision Sport kit.

It is suitable for locker rooms in sports centers, swimming pools and gyms.

It is preferable for a female and child population.
Available colors: White | Anthracite | Polished stainless | Satin stainless

  • Rugged and super durable
  • Anti-theft, anti-vandal and anti-writer
  • LEM system: reduced maintenance
  • Fast drying
  • Energy saving
  • Compatible with C9900 switchback
  • Ideal where effectiveness, efficiency and maximum vandal resistance are required.
  • Generally preferred by female users and children.

Additional information



Lid material

AISI 304 stainless steel/ carbon steel

Surface treatment

glossy / satin / porcelain

Degree of electrical protection

class II

Degrees of internal protection

IP21 (IP23 optional version with locked nozzle)

Supply voltage


Network frequency

50/60 Hz

Engine power

250 W


750 W


1000 W

Max consumption at drying
Air outlet speed

87.2 km/h

Air flow rate

78 m³/h

Average drying time

21 "

Air temperatures at 15 cm


Noise dB detected at 1 meter

76.2 dB

Air filter
Device footprint (mm)


Certificate of acceptance


uvc device
Model weight

7530 gr


White, Anthracite, Polished stainless, Satin stainless steel